B.R.M Rewinder
A self-winding mechanical watch only lives up to its name if it’s kept moving. On your wrist, there’s no problem — the motion of your arm keeps the rotor spinning, which winds the mainspring. But leave it on your bedside table for a couple of days and you’ll need to crank it by hand and set the time and date. While that’s no great hardship with one or two watches, once your collection grows to more than that, you’re going to want a watch winder.
Like they do with their watches B.R.M's engineers set out to create the finest example of watch winder on the market and of course it had to have a racing theme
Presenting the B.R.M V-4 Rewinder
Each one is hand machined and built to the strict tolerance as every B.R.M timepiece.  Each individual winder can be adjusted for speed to compliment your B.R.M or any other brand automatic watch.
Available in V4 configuration but also in V2, V6, and V8
V2 Type 2 - 2 watches: $9,150.00
V4 Type 4 - 4 watches: $15,950.00
V6 Type 6 - 6 watches: $22.950.00
V8 Type 8 - 8 watches: $27,750.00
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