Designed by an automotive designer with the Latest in technology and the Highest Quality Swiss Parts & Materials
    “My goal was to develop a product that was classic in design while offering something unique and interesting to give the watch buyer something entirely new,” said Edmond, the company’s founder. “With automatic watches, owners must make adjustments frequently in comparison to quartz watches. Anything that can save the owner time without sacrificing design is an attractive feature.” Edmond, a graduate of the Paris Academy of Design, began his career as an automobile designer but soon found that watch design was his true passion.
    He launched Edmond in 2007, working around the clock for more than a year to bring his signature timepieces to market.
    The watches in the Edmond line come in four style families offering timeless craftsmanship and range in appearance from sporty to elegant. All include ETA automatic movement, thick sapphire crystal and hypoallergenic stainless steel construction and of course, the Lock-ED concept.  Edmond are priced below Swiss timepieces of similar design and quality but none of the other Swiss watches offer the Lock-ED concept. is the official and only U.S. distributor for JP Edmund Watches.