Armand Nicolet watches are sold all over the world as the finest of examples of the distinctive Swiss watch making process.
Armand Nicolet worked in Tramelan, a town in the Jura district of Switzerland from the late 19th century until his death in 1939. His son Willy continued the family’s reputation under the Armand Nicolet brand.  Beneath the Armand Nicolet name on each watch is the name of Tramelan, as an endorsement for this renowned Swiss watch making region. 
Constantly in search of innovation and perfection, our master watchmakers rigorously pursue the tradition of Armand Nicolet, developing inside our atelier all the steps of the production process, from creation to the assembly and the final control of the product. Each Armand Nicolet watch is delivered with its own technical control certification, compiled personally by the watchmaker who has performed the final control on the watch.
Their master watchmakers, engineers, and operators work respecting the watchmaking tradition, adding a soul to our watches. Special machinery dating back in some cases to the beginning of the 20th century, is still present and irreplaceable in our factory and continue to be used by our watchmakers for certain precision operations.
    In 1987 The Armand Nicolet Watch Company formed a union with the Italian watch making entrepreneur, Rolando Braga.  This union created a formidable combination of Italian creativity and Swiss technical skill that forms the basis of the Armand Nicolet line today.
A certain artisan, savoir-faire is alive and dynamic in our factory and enables the production of truly valuable watches.
     The value of an original Armand Nicolet watch can be guaranteed as each watch is accompanied with a quality control certificate compiled by the individual watchmaker.
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     DLC is the ultimate performance coating, offering a damage and wear-resistant chemical barrier for watches
     Diamond Like Carbon coating also has many commercial applications, including machine tools, aerospace parts, F1 engine parts, pharmaceutical implants, and of course, fine timepieces.
    There are a few key characteristic of DLC, which has helped it to supplant the use of PVD as the premier cosmetic coating for fine timepieces:
It's Harder: DLC is an extremely hard coating. The following graph (from shows the comparative surface hardness of various materials, using the Vickers of Hardness scale:


In terms of relative hardness, DLC, at 4000+ HV is about 5X as hard as stainless steel & significantly harder than other PVD coatings
    It's Extremely Wear Resistant: Because of its durability, DLC is used as lubricating coating for machine tools such as drill bits, saws, and dies. When used on a watch, DLC coatings provide superior durability and wear resistance.
    It has a Lower Coefficient of Friction. DLC is quite slick. The following chart compares the coefficient of friction of DLC and other materials:


    One of the primary uses of DLC is as a dry lubricant for pumps, machine parts, bearings, cams...even razor blades.
    The low-friction attributes of DLC help to increase the durability of the coating when used on watches. Glancing blows against a hard surface, which may dig in and damage normal PVD coating, are more likely to simply slide over across the surface of a DLC coated case.
To put it bluntly.....You would have to really abuse your timepiece to damage a DLC coating.
     These characteristics, along with the beauty of DLC, have helped it to grow in popularity as a hard surface coating for fine watches.